Not the Deaths Imagined – Review

Not the Deaths Imagined, by author Anne Pettigrew, is a gripping medical mystery novel. The follow up to Not the Life Imagined, the story follows Dr. Beth Semple as she notices a series of strange deaths that all seem to be connected to one doctor. While juggling her job and responsibilities as a mother of... Continue Reading →

March Reads

March has been an absolutely insane month for many reasons. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves both physically and mentally during this time ❤ On top of trying to keep up with what is going on with COVID-19 and stressing about all the unknowns for the future, I have been keeping up with... Continue Reading →

Smashbomb Review

So, about two weeks ago I found a new review platform and I have been having a lot of fun exploring and playing with it. The site is called Smashbomb and what I immediately liked about it that was different than other platforms was the variety it has. You can review movies, books, tv shows,... Continue Reading →

Knight of the Dead III: Fortress

Knight of the Dead III: Fortress continues the adventures of Ronan and his family as they struggle to survive in the Zombie Apocalypse. The third book is a non-stop action-packed adventure as Ronan really starts to build up his fortress in a school building, slowly growing his kingdom. He has finally saved enough people that... Continue Reading →

January Reads!

After a few months of being very bad at keeping up with my months reading, I am back. I  made a post which I will link here about some of the books I really want to get through this year while also working on my 52 book Goodreads challenge goal. So far I am doing... Continue Reading →

Dodger’s Doorway Review

         Dodger's Doorway Review  Dodger's Doorway, by Alessandro Reale, is a fantasy adventure story that explores retelling classic fairy tales and fables in unique and fun ways. The book follows main character Mark ‘Dodger’ Bishop, a teenager from our world who is tired of his life. While struggling with divorcing parents, and... Continue Reading →

Knight of the Dead 2: Cavalry

Knight of the Dead 2: Cavalry is author Ron Smorynski’s second book in this action-packed, zombie apocalypse book with a medieval twist. In the second book, Ronan and his family have found themselves a place to build up as their fortress and are ready to start bringing others into their midst. But as their little... Continue Reading →

Time and Knots

Time and Knots is a beautiful book of poetry by poet Taran Singh. This collection was published in 2018. The book is broken down into sections y using seasons to lead you from Summer to Spring and ending with Void. Physically this book stunning. If you place it on your coffee table, you are sure... Continue Reading →

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2018. While it has been a crazy year, there have been some amazing achievements and ups. One of my personal biggest moments was graduating from college with a degree in Creative Writing. I also turned 23, completed another NaNoWriMo, completed a literary capstone for... Continue Reading →

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