Thoughts on Bridgerton

Like many period drama and literary nerds, I have found myself surrounded by Bridgerton content for the last month. Between having now watched the show twice, having read the first book, and the abundance of TikTok's about the characters and mostly the clothes, I found myself needing to put my thoughts into writing. I found... Continue Reading →

Not the Deaths Imagined – Review

Not the Deaths Imagined, by author Anne Pettigrew, is a gripping medical mystery novel. The follow up to Not the Life Imagined, the story follows Dr. Beth Semple as she notices a series of strange deaths that all seem to be connected to one doctor. While juggling her job and responsibilities as a mother of... Continue Reading →

April Reads

This has been another crazy month but I was able to turn in both of my term two finals! Now onto my dissertation and hopefully much more reading! Crush the King Author: Jennifer Estep Published: 2020 Read: April 11th – 20thth Format: Audiobook Rating: ★★★✰✰ Synopsis: The third book in the Crown of Shards series... Continue Reading →

February Reads

This month has been a bit of a chaotic month with school which means I didn't manage to finish as many books as I usually do. What is not shown in this list is To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf (which I have read before) and Middlemarch by George Eliot. These were both school books... Continue Reading →

Conquest of the Evermire Review

Conquest of the Evermire: 1. Hinterland Fortress "Rhyal was sitting in a wagon. She wriggled her nose. The stench awoke her from her meditation. She opened her eyes to see Ender snoring away. She sensed and knew where she was now. She peered out of the canvas covering to see the dark mountains of Grund... Continue Reading →

Knight of the Dead III: Fortress

Knight of the Dead III: Fortress continues the adventures of Ronan and his family as they struggle to survive in the Zombie Apocalypse. The third book is a non-stop action-packed adventure as Ronan really starts to build up his fortress in a school building, slowly growing his kingdom. He has finally saved enough people that... Continue Reading →

Dodger’s Doorway Review

         Dodger's Doorway Review  Dodger's Doorway, by Alessandro Reale, is a fantasy adventure story that explores retelling classic fairy tales and fables in unique and fun ways. The book follows main character Mark ‘Dodger’ Bishop, a teenager from our world who is tired of his life. While struggling with divorcing parents, and... Continue Reading →

Knight of the Dead 2: Cavalry

Knight of the Dead 2: Cavalry is author Ron Smorynski’s second book in this action-packed, zombie apocalypse book with a medieval twist. In the second book, Ronan and his family have found themselves a place to build up as their fortress and are ready to start bringing others into their midst. But as their little... Continue Reading →

Time and Knots

Time and Knots is a beautiful book of poetry by poet Taran Singh. This collection was published in 2018. The book is broken down into sections y using seasons to lead you from Summer to Spring and ending with Void. Physically this book stunning. If you place it on your coffee table, you are sure... Continue Reading →

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