January Reading

It has been a bit of a slow reading start to the year but I did find myself reading about several fascinating characters from a wide variety of genres and styles. The Mercies Author: Kiran Millwood HargravePublished: 2020Read: January 5th – 12thFormat: BookRating: ★★★★✰ (4.5) Synopsis: Author Kiran Millwood Hargrave takes the reader to Vardø,... Continue Reading →

December Reading

As the year came to an end, I found myself reading a strange variety of book that told very different stories. Each tackles different issues and in thier own ways offered escapism from 2020. Mirror of Desire Author: Ananta GovindaPublished: 2020Read: December 3rd - 5thFormat: EBookRating: ★★★★✰ Synopsis: Mirror of Desire is a spiritual fantasy... Continue Reading →

2021 Reading Goal

For the last few years I have listed some of the books I hope to read during the year, I generally only make it about a third or maybe halfway through this list, but never-the-less I enjoy trying to challenge myself to get through the books that I have had on my TBR for years!... Continue Reading →

October Reading

This month has taken me to so many new places, authors, and genres. I made the effort in my reading to try and read something very different from whatever book I have just finished and it made for an exciting month of reading. I have discovered some new favorite authors and have plunged myself into... Continue Reading →

Not the Deaths Imagined – Review

Not the Deaths Imagined, by author Anne Pettigrew, is a gripping medical mystery novel. The follow up to Not the Life Imagined, the story follows Dr. Beth Semple as she notices a series of strange deaths that all seem to be connected to one doctor. While juggling her job and responsibilities as a mother of... Continue Reading →

February Reads

This month has been a bit of a chaotic month with school which means I didn't manage to finish as many books as I usually do. What is not shown in this list is To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf (which I have read before) and Middlemarch by George Eliot. These were both school books... Continue Reading →

Inside and Out / Book Tag

Book Tag!!! I found this one on Jessica Writes 1. Inside flap/Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough? I generally feel it is just right. I like to read the summary to get the gist when deciding whether or not to read a book. 2. New book: What form do you... Continue Reading →

Good Literary Citizen

This morning I received an email from ConvertKit, and it inspired me, so I thought I would share both it and what I decided to do with it today. The email: Why am I writing this? Because I care about the writing community, and I need your help to improve it. Today is Good Literary Citizen... Continue Reading →

Conquest of the Evermire Review

Conquest of the Evermire: 1. Hinterland Fortress "Rhyal was sitting in a wagon. She wriggled her nose. The stench awoke her from her meditation. She opened her eyes to see Ender snoring away. She sensed and knew where she was now. She peered out of the canvas covering to see the dark mountains of Grund... Continue Reading →

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