Books I am Looking Forward to in 2021…So Far

For a long time I never really paid much attention to new books coming out. Most of my reading was of old classics or books my friends loaned/suggested. The only new books I looked forward to were part of a series I was already reading. In the last few years, I have had fun delving... Continue Reading →

November Reading

There wasn't as much time for reading this month as I would have liked. Between NaNoWriMo and getting ready to move, there just wasn't time. But I still managed to read a few really intriguing and different stories. Serpentine Author: Philip PullmanPublished: 2020Read: November 5thFormat: BookRating: ★★★★✰ Synopsis: Serpentine is a short story that brings... Continue Reading →

Another NaNoWriMo Done

This year, I decided to tackle a project I have been working on for over a year. I began the project in October 2019 as I entered into my MSc programme, at the University of Edinburgh and worked on it until the end of August 2020, when I submitted my dissertation. But what I found... Continue Reading →

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