Endings That Ruined The Story For Me

This is a list of books, movies, and TV shows that made choices in the latter half of the story that I felt worked against the plot and in some cases fully ruined the story for me. This is just my opinion and all of these could be things you did enjoy or didn't bother... Continue Reading →

Little Women

I have been a fan of the Little Women story since I was very young. I do not remember the first time I watched the 1994 movie adaption of the story but I have seen it at least once a year for most of my life. When I was 13 I received a beautiful copy... Continue Reading →

Grad School Reading List – Term 2

Here we go again. I have started my second term of grad school and in case you haven't seen my previous updates, I am getting an MSc in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. Along with writing classes and workshops, I am taking a literature class. This term this class is called 'Exploring the... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!!

  Reading goal for the year I will once again attempt 52 books this year. It makes for a challenge but is also doable and a nice number. I am not going to list the 52 books I want to read but here are some that I hope to get through this year. (This will... Continue Reading →

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